RESEA in media

RESEA in media

Besides consultancy, our mission is to educate people. We want to help business people who are still unaware of how much money can be reinvested in their research and development projects thanks to the R&D tax allowance. If you are curious how we are doing, see the page below.

Cooperation of the science and commercial sectors on research and development

A conference focusing on the cooperation between the science and commercial sectors on research and development, with an emphasis on tax allowance, was held in Prague on the 19th of February 2015. The conference was organized by RESEA, PricewaterhouseCoopers Czech Republic, Ltd. and the law firm HOLEC, ZUSKA & PARTNERS.

In the presentation and subsequent discussion, the participants were informed about the technical necessities of the R&D tax allowance. In the following discussion, practical examples, including the approach of financial authorities to this matter, were discussed, and Ing. Jakub Tománek and Ing. Michal Linhart answered questions from the participants, including representatives of companies and research institutions.

This event helped to raise awareness of the R&D tax allowance at participating companies and research institutions. The relationship established between companies and research institutions can also contribute to deepening the cooperation between them in the implementation of research and development.

RESEA comments on the issue of research and development

"Czech companies lose hundreds of millions of crowns due to minimum use of the tax allowance for research and development. Since 2005, when this law went into effect, this option has been used by only a fraction of producers ..."

The entire article is published on the portal CT24 27.10 2013 and can be read here:Českým firmám utíkají miliony - neodepisují investice na vývoj.

RESEA helps to educate in Prague

RESEA informs the public about the R&D tax allowance via lectures. In a discussion, which took place on the 18th of June 2013, Ing. J. Tománek, an expert on R&D tax allowance, spoke to business people about ways to make the funding of their research projects more effective and how to save costs by implementing the R&D tax allowance. The main topic was to show ways to reduce the tax base of a company, which costs can be included in the R&D tax allowance, and an introduction of the overall profit a company can realize by implementing the tax allowance. The lecture, under the auspices of an educational project called "Nové vzdělávací moduly pro řízení inovací a VaV v průmyslových firmách,“ was held in Prague on the 18th of July 2013.

Via this project, RESEA supports the development of training for entrepreneurs and companies in the Czech Republic.

Brno Business & Style magazine

Brno Business & Style issued an article in which Ing. M. Linhart mentions the ways companies can save money. The cost of acquiring a car is by no means the only cost which can be deducted from taxes. A company can save a lot of money by applying the tax allowances for research and development.

To read the whole article, see Náklady na výzkum a vývoj lze odečíst z daní.

ČT24 - Události v regionech - 12.11.2012

Use tax allowances for research and development and debit to the R & D investments from the tax base.