Our membership in the European Union enables us to draw subsidies from different operational programmes (OP) provided by the European Structural and Investment Funds (e. g. the European Regional Development Fund or the European Social Fund).

EU subsidies (sometimes referred to as European subsidies) can be categorized depending on the recipient:

  • subsidies for starting entrepreneurs,
  • subsidies for small and medium-size enterprises,
  • subsidies for large enterprises.

Subsidy areas Subsidy areas

Fields of subsidies support

Enterprises may receive financial aid for the fulfillment of their investment projects via investment subsidies from EU Funds. This financial aid mainly concerns the following areas:

  • real estate subsidies (purchase, reconstruction, weatherization, etc.),
  • subsidies for hardware and software purchase,
  • subsidies for machinery, appliances and technologies,
  • subsidies for consultants’ and experts’ services, expert studies,
  • research and development subsidies,
  • subsidies for prototype and function sample production,
  • subsidies for employee education and training,
  • subsidies for starting a business.

Investment subsidies do not continuously take place, rather they depend on announcements by the European and national programmes and their time schedules.

We will gladly inform you about which suitable programme is or soon will be announcing calls for subsidy applications.

We will take care of the complicated process of obtaining a subsidy for you

Before successfully obtaining an EU subsidy for your company, it is necessary to go through a complex application process, to take many administrative and time-consuming steps and to process and create a large number of related documentation. We will take care of the whole process (project) necessary to obtain a subsidy, from the initial analysis to the subsidy payment into your bank account! We will arrange everything for you, you needn't produce or write anything! A little cooperation from your side will be sufficient. This way, you can fully devote yourself to your business and focus on profit making activities.

Apart from taking care of the project for a chosen subsidy, we will also prepare a feasibility study and draw up a technical description of the whole activity. This will represent an added value and is included in the price.