Accounting for grants

Accounting for grants

There are a great number of grants provided by European Structural and Investment Funds, but very few people are familiar with these grants or know how to use them. We will help you to understand this complex area.

The means of obtaining a grant is very complicated, but the result is worth it. For your investments, you can get a grant ranging from 30% to 70%. Many grant titles also offer grants for non-investment costs, such as wages, social security and health insurance, the services of experts and consultants, feasibility studies, analyses, etc.

Our services related to grants primarily concern the following areas:

  • preparing all accounting documents
  • analytical accounting
  • eligible and ineligible expenditure accountancy
  • the checking and registration of asset cards
  • ensuring consistency of accounting of the individual items of your grant with the Accounting Act and the terms of the grant title

We will manage the entire process for obtaining the grant for you. All we need is a little cooperation with our company.