We support

We support

We think it is necessary to help the people who need it, as well as special people who follow their dreams, so from time to time we select a project or organization which we think really deserves our support. You can read stories of some of them below.

RESEA sponsors a footrace

We believe that a good physical condition is as important for a life as the mental one. That is why we have supported one of the night runs of NIGHT PARK Run cup which took place on 16th of November within Run Club Brno. The beggining was on 16:30 when racers came to the prezentation. One hour later organizers had the first race started. The route was held in Luzanecky park, which is one of the most frequent Brno´s running routes. Race results announcements followed at 19:00 as the last race´s participants finished.

Althought people often talk about a lack of exercise and increasing laziness, we are glad to say that despite the bad weather conditions the participation was quite high in all categories. The were a few our employees among the participants.

And what about you, have you participated on one of any November races?

The quest for a record at the English Channel

The first person to swim the English Channel was Captain Matthew Webb in 1875. Since then, dozens of swimmers have headed to the English Channel. Although the 33 km between English Dover and French Cap Gris is not a great distance, water temperature, ocean currents and unstable weather are obstacles that not everyone can overcome. Czech sports clubs have made several successful attempts. Of particular note are the results of the swimmers at the University Sports Club in Brno, who hold several records – both in individual trials and in the relay. Every year less and less money is spent on sports and therefore, an expedition to the English Channel cannot be done without sponsor contributions. RESEA decided to support these young athletes to make their quest for a record easier. This was also the case for nineteen-year-old swimmer Aneta Lokajová from Brno University, who attempted to swim the Channel in August 2013. All during July, Aneta prepared at home. She had Reg Brickell, the most experienced ship pilot at the La Manche, with lots of successful attempts, to help her.We sent Aneta with good luck to the English Channel!

Do you want to know how Aneta performed?

Aneta won masterfully over the waves of the English Channel, becoming the sixth female conqueror of the English Channel with the third best time, 10 h 26 min. Read the article about her journey to success at the English Channel. Aneta, congratulations for your success and we wish you good luck in overcoming life's other challenges.

RESEA has contributed to a children’s home

This time, the contribution went to Children’s Home in Ostrava-Habrová. The children's home is a school facility, which provides support for children from 3 to 18 years of age. It is located in the outskirts of Ostrava, an area called Habrová. It provides shelter for up to 32 children. Children's Home provides educational, material and social care to both healthy and disabled children. The facility strives to promote children's leisure activities. Summer holidays are characterized by summer camps and recreation, and winter holidays are spent in the mountains, where children celebrate Christmas, having fun in the snow. Have a nice holidays, kids!

RESEA gives a helping hand to The Fund of Endangered Children

RESEA has contributed to The Fund of Endangered Children. This fund is a civic association to help maltreated, neglected, abused, abandoned or otherwise socially vulnerable children. The fund, among other things, focuses on field social work supporting the function and preservation of the family and operates a helpline for mothers hiding their pregnancy and childbirth. Other activities include the operation of shelters for families with children, youth homes, helping the homeless and providing advisory assistance to families.

Every child deserves to have a happy childhood

Endowment Fund of Pediatric Oncology Krtek

The Endowment Fund of Pediatric Oncology Krtek takes care of children who are undergoing treatment at the Children's Medical Center of the University Hospital in Brno. Part of the foundation's work is the creation of projects that are focused on targeted assistance to hospitalized children, but also to children who have already finished the treatment.

We wish all the patients to get well soon.