Course of cooperation

Course of cooperation

Are you interested in how a course of cooperation with us is arranged? Do you want to learn more?

You can achieve tax benefits in just a few steps. We can manage the entire process in two months in the case of a small project. However, it is necessary to recognize that the process is not a one-time thing but an ongoing one. We will achieve maximum results with mutual trust.

1. Initial assessment

The entire process leading to tax concessions for Research & Development begins with the initial assessment.

You do not have to go anywhere, the initial assessment will take place at your company.

The entire initial assessment is carried out in the form of a professionally guided discussion. The people responsible at your company (Business Manager, Technical Manager, Quality Control Officer, etc.) should be present at the meeting. During the initial assessment, we assess the activities and projects your company performs. On the basis of this analysis, we identify activities that can be considered as Research & Development.

The outcome of the initial assessment is a report, which makes clear whether it is worthwhile or not for your company to deal with the tax concessions for Research & Development. In the report, there will be a qualified estimation of how much could be saved by the tax concessions.

The whole initial assessment is non-binding for you. If you decide to go a different way than we propose, we will fully respect your decision.

2. Financial and Technical Analysis

At this stage, we begin processing the essential materials so that the formed project meets the conditions for the application of the tax concessions for Research & Development. Apart from the processing of materials, we start the analysis as well. These activities are conducted solely on our part, we will only need certain necessary materials from you.

Thanks to our comprehensive approach and knowledge, during the analysis we check all expenses (payroll, material costs, tax depreciations, etc.) that can be considered Research & Development expenses.

We concentrate on maximizing the results for you.

After completing the analysis and the projects we can leave both to be assessed by the Tax Office. However, the process is lengthy and may take several months. We are glad to save you time and, therefore, we issue a testimonial that the projects are qualified for the deduction of the concessions for Research & Development. The testimonial guarantees the certainty of the entire project.

3. Real quantification of the accounting period

At this stage, we replace your planned expenses with those expenses actually incurred. We will confirm these costs with your accounting department. For the purposes of applying the tax deductibles for Research & Development we will also carry out an assessment of all assets in depreciation groups. After completing the project with the actual costs, the actual value of the tax concessions will be calculated. We take full responsibility for the quantification and we will defend it before the Tax Office for you. The results of our work can be implemented into internal directives and into ISO standards as well. All the information you provide us with will be used only for processing the project of the tax concessions for Research & Development.

We fully respect the principle of confidentiality, statutory as well as contractual.

Contact us for a non-binding initial assessment!